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Tips: eradicate vermin

Are you looking for advice about eradicating vermin? Read HG's tips below and learn how to keep vermin from your home and how to prevent and deal with nuisance outdoors.

An overview of our tips for vermin

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Ant removal

  • ant bait box
  • spray
  • powder

Ants enter your house because they are constantly looking for food during spring and summer. Therefore it is important to…

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Wasps repellent

  • spray

HGX against wasps* is thé solution to effectively get rid of wasps, but of course you prefer to prevent wasps from becoming…

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How to get rid of flies

There are several reasons why flies enter your home. Flies have an excellent sense of smell that attracts them into a house,…

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Did you know...

fruit flies in the house are also attracted by the smell of your coffee machine?

Tip about:
Catching fruit flies

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Catching fruit flies

  • trap

HGX fruit-fly trap is thé best solution for getting rid of fruit flies in house, but a fruit fly deterrent to prevent them…

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Tips: eradicate vermin in the home

Silverfish that damage your books in the loft, moth larvae that eat your woollen garments. Cockroaches and ants that run around the house. They are all pests you want to be rid of as soon as possible!

HG has collected some convenient tips for you for eradicating:

  • Paper and silverfish
  • Ants in the house
  • Woodworm
  • Fleas in the house
  • Cockroaches
  • Moths in the house

Read more about how you can eradicate and catch the following insects:

Vermin in your home is a nuisance, but involves risks to your health too.

Tips: eradicate vermin outdoors

Outside you can also have trouble with vermin and pests, for example slugs or aphids. These creeping and crawling creatures can really damage your plants. Do you have that problem? Discover how you can battle aphids and thrips and how you can prevent a slug plague. 

In summer and autumn, wasps are real nuisance when you eat or drink something outside, because they are looking for food. Fortunately there are various ways in which you can stop and catch them.

Do you have questions or your own tip?

If you have a good tip for dealing with pests and vermin indoors or outdoors, please let us know. We would like to share it with our readers. If you have any questions, please complete this form.

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