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Tips: remove unpleasant odours and smells from your home

No more unpleasant odours and smells in your home! With HG you will have fabrics that have been freshened up, a mattress that no longer smells and laundry that is sparkling clean and fresh.

An overview of our tips for unpleasant odours & smells

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How to get sweat smell out of clothes

  • clothing

The sweat smell in clothes that comes back as soon as the garment is ironed or worn again is caused by butyric acid. Everyone…

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How to clean washing machine

  • washing machine
  • bathroom

Your washing machine probably looks clean. But you still need to deep clean your washing machine occasionally, because after…

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How to get rid of washing machine smells

  • washing machine

A smelly washer is caused by dirt deposits and detergent residues in drains, filters and seals. This is certainly true when…

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Did you know...

using vinegar does not actually help to remove cat urine smell?

Tip about:
Cat pee odour removal

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How to clean a mattress

  • mattress

There are various causes for a smelly or stained mattress, varying form urine to excessive sweating if you have the flu,…

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Cat pee odour removal

  • pets

Despite having a litter box, sometimes cats will not choose to use it This can have several reasons.

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How to clean dishwasher

  • kitchen

Why does my dishwasher smell? There might be several causes. The most common cause is not rinsing the dishes properly before…

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Tips for removing unpleasant odours and smells

From cat urine to a musty smell on the sofa - you would like to be rid of unpleasant odours and smells in the home as quickly as possible. Fortunately HG has a number of tips to make sure your home smells fresh again and to stop your clothing and fabrics from being smelly. Consider solving and preventing:

Each problem requires its own approach!

Put an end to musty smells

What about a mattress that smells musty or actually starts to stink a little? It's much nicer to get into a fresh bed at night. Discover how you can make your mattress smell fresh again.

Besides our specific tips and recommendations, you also find products that you can use to remove the source of the odour effectively from a number of different surfaces, for example from the sofa or car upholstery. For example, take the effective odour remover HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells at source.

Prevent unpleasant odours

In fabrics and footwear

It may be difficult to prevent unpleasant smells in fabrics and footwear, particularly if you suffer from excessive perspiration or sweaty feet or if you wash clothing at low temperatures. Fortunately there are different ways in which you can remove smells from clothing, but HG also has products for unpleasant odours in sports clothing, smelly sports shoes or perspiration smells from shoes.

In appliances

You prevent unpleasant odours in the dishwasher by maintaining it properly. For example remove food remnants from the filter and clean the dishwasher regularly. The same applies to other household appliances and machines, including the washing machine and the fridge, because with proper usage and good cleaning you prevent nasty odours and smells from spreading.

Do you have a tip or a question?

If your question has not been answered, ask the HG employees. Maybe you have a tip for removing or preventing specific nasty odours that you would like to share with us. We would be pleased to hear from you!

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