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Tips: cleaning textiles

Remove stains, clean thoroughly and protect textiles with HG! We share some convenient tips you can use to clean and freshen up the upholstered sofa, clothing, shoes or car seats.

An overview of our tips for textiles

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How to get wax out of clothes

  • clothing

Did you know you can prevent candle wax from spilling with just water and salt? Fill a bowl with water and salt before lighting…

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How to remove blood stains

  • clothing

First of all, we advise you to act as soon as the stain occurs to prevent it from drying up. This prevents the blood stain…

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How to clean car seats

  • interior

Car seat upholstery can become grimy very quickly. Stains and dirt are extremely visible on light upholstery in particular.…

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Did you know...

you can prevent dripping candles by using water and salt?

Tip about:
How to get wax out of clothes

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How to get sweat smell out of clothes

  • clothing

The sweat smell in clothes that comes back as soon as the garment is ironed or worn again is caused by butyric acid. Everyone…

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How to remove coffee stains

  • clothing

If you do not have time to change clothes, you can try to make the coffee stain less visible and also try to prevent it from…

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How to remove chewing gum

  • clothing
  • carpet

We have collected a few of the best household remedies for removing chewing gum from clothes that we found on various websites…

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How to remove red wine stain

  • clothing

An accident with red wine spilling on your clothes or carpet can happen, but it is best to prevent it of course. Special…

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Clean upholstered sofa & upholstery

Is your upholstered sofa stained and could do with a little clean? If a sofa is older, the protective coating wears off and it becomes more vulnerable to dirt and stains. With HG Carpet & upholstery cleaner (product 95) you clean the sofa properly and uneven fibre surfaces are filled up with an invisible, dirt-repellent coating. For cleaning car upholstery there is a special HG upholstery cleaner. Did somebody manage to get chewing gum on the chairs? Read more about removing chewing gum from textiles or other surfaces. Navigate through our range of special products you can use to remove stains from the carpet and to clean and freshen up car upholstery!

Clothing and sports shoes really clean

HG has a comprehensive range of products that really clean the laundry. Pre-treatment products, special detergents, for example for white net curtains, stain salt and a range of detergent additives. What about a detergent for smelly sports shoes?

We have also listed a range of tips for you for removing stains from textiles. For example, read what to do when you have a stain on your clothing and you don't have the opportunity to wash it straightaway. Each and every one a useful fact to remember, because 9 out of 10 times it happens at the most inconvenient moment...

Make textiles dirt-repellent and water-proof

Ski clothing and rain clothing needs to be and stay water-proof We have a collection of products in our range that protect all types of textiles against dirt and make them dirt-repellent or water-proof. For example a product for synthetic textiles and for non-synthetic textiles, such as cotton, wool and mixed textiles. Not just ideal for ski clothing, but also for sports clothing and garden furniture covers.

HG water, oil, grease & dirt repellent for textiles will come in handy in any household! This spray is really convenient for protecting certain garments or upholstered furniture against dirt and stains. After the treatment, all you need to do is wipe up the spilled coffee with an absorbing cloth or some kitchen towel.

Do you have questions or your own tip?

Do you have a question about cleaning textiles and you haven't found the answer? Please contact us at. If you have your own tip, please let us know. We like to share those with our readers, so they can have and keep their clothing and upholstery fresh and clean like you do!

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