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Tips: remove mould & damp patches

Enter the battle against mould indoors and outdoors with the HG tips! Discover how you can remove mould and damp patches and how you can prevent them.

An overview of our tips for mould & damp

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How to get rid of mould

Mould is caused by (excess) moisture in certain rooms of the house. This moisture is a result of different problems, such…

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How to remove mould in bathroom

  • bathroom

Mould grows best in damp areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen, but also in cellars and sheds. Moulds develop where there…

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Did you know...

mould inside your home is harmful to your health?

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How to get rid of mould

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Tips for removing mould

Are you troubled by damp and ugly mould patches in your home? HG shares various tips with you about how you can remove mould outdoors and indoors (such as the bathroom) and prevent mould from developing. The mould patches are dirty and an eyesore, but they can also harm your health. No wonder you want to get rid of them!

How do you prevent mould?

Problems indoors

The most important tip for preventing mould in your home is to have sufficient ventilation. Open the windows from time to time, for example during or after mopping, air the bathroom after showering and check if your automatic ventilation still works properly.

Problems outdoors

Mould in a wooden shed or on the outside wall can be prevented too. If possible, put the shed in a place where it catches the sun or install a good dehumidifier. Outside walls can be treated to prevent the rain from being absorbed into the facade. This prevents facades from looking dirty and prevents mould from developing.

Questions or own tips

If you have a question about damp and mould development, please ask one of our employees. If you have a tip for removing or preventing mould, please share it with the 'Ask a Question' form.

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