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Tips: cleaning jewellery

How best to clean your jewellery? Read some simple tips from HG on maintaining your precious chains, bracelets and rings. Discover how you can clean dull jewellery and how you can remove skin grease and dirt.

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How to clean silver

  • silver

Here are a number of handy ways to prevent silver jewellery from getting tarnished:

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Did you know...

perspiration whilst you play sports can discolour silver?

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How to clean silver

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Source of bacteria

Your precious jewellery will come into contact with dirt. It comes into contact with skin grease, which easily traps dust and other dirt. Oddly enough, it often doesn't look that dirty at first glance, but dirt accumulates without noticing. Regular cleaning is our recommendation!

Cleaning gold and silver jewellery

Gold and silver jewellery that you wear daily is best cleaned once a week. Clean your other chains, rings and bracelets once a month. Even if you don't wear them or only rarely, they can still become dull, dusty and dirty.

What is the best approach?

HG has many different products you can use to clean your jewellery. According to some blogs, you can try to clean your gold and silver jewellery with soapy water based on green soap and a soft toothbrush. You can also polish your jewellery regularly with a special impregnated polishing cloth.

What should you not do?

Never use aggressive soap or another corrosive cleaning agent, certainly not on jewellery with coloured stones. Jewellery with glued-on stones should not become wet and is best cleaned with a soft cloth.

Read more about cleaning silver jewellery and about what to do and not to do.

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