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Tips: solve blocked drains

Do you need to deal with a persistent blockage quickly? Take a look at HG's tips for effectively unblocking a drain, to make sure the sink or the shower trap empty properly again.

An overview of our tips for drains & blockages

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How to unblock a drain

  • kitchen
  • bathroom

The following tips will help prevent blocked drains in the kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

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How to unblock a sink

  • kitchen

A sink can easily get blocked with daily use. The tips below will help you prevent a blocked (kitchen) sink.

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Did you know...

hair and soap remnants can cause blocked drains?

Tip about:
How to unblock a drain

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Tips for solving blockages

We have collected some useful tips for you for solving blockages quickly and effectively. If you're just enjoying a shower, nothing is more annoying than being ankle-deep in water because the drain is blocked. Or a sink that no longer empties because you cleaned the deep-fat fryer earlier. Fortunately there are different methods you can use to unblock the drains.

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Use the above links to discover how you can solve persistent blockages in those places.

Prevent blockages

Ideally you prevent a blocked drain in the first place. The most important tip we can give is not to wash anything down the sink, basin or toilet that shouldn't go there. You can prevent persistent blockages in the kitchen by wiping left-over food from your crockery before you rinse it with water. Wipe up grease from the pan with kitchen roll before you start washing up. In the bathroom it helps to clean it regularly and to remove hair from the shower trap on a daily basis. It may sound obvious, but don't flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

Do you have questions or your own tip?

If you have a question about blockages or a related maintenance problem, please contact us. If you have a tip for preventing blockages you would like to share, please let us know.

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