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Tips: cleaning tips

With HG's cleaning tips, cleaning a house and household and kitchen appliances becomes a lot easier. Gives you time to do something fun! 

An overview of our tips for cleaning

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How to clean glasses

  • glasses

Cleaning your spectacles regularly prevents scratches and other damages so they will last longer. The following tips will…

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How to clean grout

  • grout

Grout on bathroom or kitchen floors and in between tiles behind the worktop or hob are particularly susceptible to dirt and…

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How to get rid of mould

Mould is caused by (excess) moisture in certain rooms of the house. This moisture is a result of different problems, such…

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Did you know...

you should never use a face wipe or vinegar for cleaning spectacles?

Tip about:
How to clean glasses

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How to remove mould in bathroom

  • bathroom

Mould grows best in damp areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen, but also in cellars and sheds. Moulds develop where there…

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How to clean oven

  • kitchen
  • oven

Cleaning oven racks and other parts of the oven is part of life, but fortunately there are lots of ways in which you can…

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How to clean fridge

  • kitchen
  • refrigerator

Bad odours in the refrigerator are caused by a number of things. How is it possible that these unpleasant odours can remain,…

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How to clean mircowave

  • kitchen

The microwave is of course ideal for warming up food. But if used often, it can get very dirty and not work as well as it…

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Tips for cleaning

There are all sorts of cleaning jobs in a house that simply have to be done, but that can take up a lot of time. Precious time that you either don't have or would like to spend on something else. HG has collected a range of tips and advice to make sure that housekeeping takes up less of your time and effort!

Kitchen cleaning tips

For optimum hygiene in the kitchen, it is recommended to wipe off the worktops, cooker and tiles with a cleaning agent and a clean cloth every day. Daily maintenance saves on a lot of heavy scrubbing! Using cleaning agents that have been developed especially for the kitchen, (such as HG grease away) produces the best result.

We also recommend regular:
Cleaning of the dishwasher
Cleaning of the fridge

We have listed convenient tips for:

Cleaning your oven
Wiping off the microwave
Cleaning the deep-fat fryer

Bathroom cleaning tips

PA bathroom often looks cleaner than it is in reality. Ventilate the bathroom every day and clean the shower cubicle, the floor tiles, the toilet and the washbasin once a week. That gives bacteria and mould less opportunity to settle in and grow. If you remove scale on a regular basis, it is much easier than when you keep postponing the job.

Changing bed linen

We recommend changing your bed linen once a week. Your sheets and duvet become damp every day because of your night-time perspirations and if you are ill or when it is very hot, this is even worse than usual. Airing a duvet and the pillow is important and the mattress will also need to be freshened up from time to time. Use a mattress cover and a pillow cover under your normal bed linen and wash that at least once a fortnight.

Remove stains

View our tips for removing stains from clothing, floor coverings, the sofa, chairs and car seats. In a household with children and pets this is a recurring job that we like to make easier for you! Read also more about cleaning floors and more specifically about cleaning a carpet that can become a gathering place for dirt without anybody noticing.

Contact HG

If you have a question, please contact us by using this form. One of our employees would be pleased to assist. All your own tips are welcome too! Please share those here.

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