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HG tips for cleaning and maintenance

Navigate through the categories of HG tips for effective cleaning and proper maintenance in and around the home, car, boat or caravan. From cleaning and maintaining household appliances to cleaning car upholstery!

Most viewed tips

How to remove chewing gum

We have collected a few of the best household remedies for removing chewing gum from clothes that we found on various websites…

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How to get rid of mould

Mould is caused by (excess) moisture in certain rooms of the house. This moisture is a result of different problems, such…

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How to get grease out of clothes

First of all, try to clean objects that become greasy on a regular basis. It reduces the chance of accidental grease stains…

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Did you know...

the use of baking paper can save a lot of oven cleaning?

Tip about:
How to clean oven

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Why HG

HG has been thé cleaning and maintenance specialist since 1969, both indoors and outdoors. Our wide range offers specialised solutions for almost any conceivable problem related to cleaning, protecting or refurbishing. All our products are developed and produced in our own laboratory and factory. Quality is paramount and therefore HG products do what the label promises. Hence our slogan: HG does what it promises! That is why we have been the market leader in the Benelux for many years.

We are a Dutch company through and through with branches in several countries. We employ more than 200 people who work every day with vigour and enthusiasm. Our head office (and production site) is located in Almere, where approximately 300 different high-quality HG products are produced and then sold to millions of customers in more than 45 countries.

  • Specialist since 1969
  • Wide range
  • High-quality products
  • Market leader Benelux
  • Sold globally

Cleaning and maintenance tips

Every day brings a cleaning or maintenance job. From regular descaling or cleaning your Nespresso machine to the weekly scrub of the floor or removing mould from the bathroom. HG has listed a number of tips for:

Did you know that a monthly hot wash in the washing machine contributes to cleaning your washing machine? Or that slugs don't like garlic?

Navigate through the various categories and find convenient tips that may help you with cleaning and chores!

Most important general tip

The most important tip for any cleaning and maintenance is to do it regularly. If you wipe off the frequently used handles in the kitchen every day, bacteria have less chance of developing. If you descale your bathroom once a week, it is much quicker than when you leave it until you have a stubborn layer. What about your jewellery? The more frequently you polish, the more beautiful it looks.

Questions or your own tip

If a category is missing or if you have a convenient tip for cleaning or maintenance, please let us know. Please also contact us if you have a question or a comment by using the 'ask a question' form.

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