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HG natural floor oil | for protection and a natural look

HG natural floor oil (HG product 60), is a nourishing oil for wooden floors developed specially to harden once in the wood. Wooden floors regain their natural look!

  • Nourishes the wood and protects it against drying out, dirt and stains
  • Intensifies the colour
  • Accentuates the wood structure

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Product information

Natural oil with unique hardening qualities

Because HG natural floor oil has the unique quality of hardening once in the wood, it gives the wood a perfectly natural look. It also protects the floor against dirt, stains and drying out.

This floor oil is made entirely from natural oils and is 100% solvent free. To give the nerves and knots a white tint, accentuating the wood structure, we recommend HG white wash floor oil (product 61). 

How do you use HG natural floor oil?

Follow the steps below to protect wooden floors against dirt, stains and drying out with HG natural floor oil:

  1. Shake the product well before use and then apply a thin layer of HG natural floor oil to the wooden floor.
  2. Polish immediately with a clean lint-free tea towel or cloth to ensure the oil is absorbed fully by the wood.
  3. Repeat this once or twice until the wood is saturated and no longer absorbs oil. 
  4. Remove any excess oil immediately. 
  5. The floor can be walked on carefully after a few hours. 
  6. After 24 hours the oil has dried completely into the wooden floor and it can be walked on normally.
  7. Three days after the treatment, the wood has acquired optimum protection.

Click here for the complete instructions.

Which HG products do I need for my wooden floor?

Besides nourishing and protecting your wooden floors with this natural oil, you can also choose an oil with a white wash effect. This gives the floor a more natural and used look. You can mop without affecting these oils with one of the HG floor oil mop cleaners.

To find out which HG products you need to protect, nourish and clean your wooden floor, consult our HG wooden floors treatment matrix

Label information

Click below to view the entire label including the hazard statements of HG wooden floors natural floor oil (HG product 60) .

HG wooden floors natural floor oil (HG product 60)
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