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Wooden floors | Top-quality oils for wooden floors and wood floor cleaners

Wooden floors

Do you need to clean or oil a wooden floor?HG has two types of floor oil and two types of wood floor cleaners; an ordinary cleaner and an intensive cleaner, both suitable for all types of oil-treated and untreated wooden floors. Good protection and maintenance are essential to guarantee the quality of untreated wooden floors and to retain the beautiful, authentic look of the floors. Untreated wooden floors are vulnerable to dirt, stains and drying out. Fortunately, HG's products provide the answer.


Protect and clean wooden floors

HG nourishing floor oils have been developed especially to cure, once they are absorbed into the wood, giving the floor a natural look. HG white wash floor oil accentuates the original wood structure by giving a white wash to knots and the wood grain.  These floor oils protect the floor against dirt, stains and drying out.The special floor oil cleaners are effective and do not affect the oil or the wood. You can use the normal wooden floor cleaner for regular cleaning of a wooden floor. To remove persistent dirt, we have an intensive wooden floor cleaner. These HG cleaners can be used for all types of oil-treated and untreated wooden floors.