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Tiles | Clean and protect all types of tiles with HG tile cleaning products


Do you want to effectively clean your tiles or protect them against wear, dirt and stains?HG not only has various tile cleaning products for easy and effective cleaning and protecting of all types of tiles, we also offer solutions for grout. Whether you want to preserve the shine, restore the natural character, remove stains from your flagstones or prevent stains from penetrating: HG has a solution for every cleaning and maintenance challenge! The best way to clean or protect your tile floors in the bathroom, kitchen or living room is with one of our high-quality tile cleaning products. We offer a wide range with everything from stain removers and grout cleaners to mopping cleaners for regular and easy cleaning.


Clean, protect and maintain tiles

Tile cleaning and maintenance starts immediately after the floor has been installed. After installation of the floor there remains cement residue that must be removed. You can do this with the special cement grout remover or cement, mortar & efflorescence removerfrom HG. In addition, HG has tile cleaning and maintenance products to protect tiles against scratches and wear or penetration of dirt and stains. Not to forget cleaning! Whether it is a weekly mopping or removing stubborn dirt and grease, cleaning your tiles has never been this easy! HG has specific solutions for all types of floor tiles, such as flagstones and ceramic tiles.