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HG ironing spray strengthener | crease-free comfort

HG ironing spray strengthener makes ironing easier and gives your ironing a comfortable crispness, without clothing feeling hard or unpleasant. Even the most crinkly clothing becomes smooth and supple in a flash; it keeps its shape longer during wear. 

  • Retains the shape of clothing longer
  • Gives strength and bounce

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  • Contents: 400 ml
You can ONLY order within the Netherlands.
Delivery period 2-4 working days.

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Product information

Ironing spray strengthener for ironing at low temperatures

The ironing spray strengthener makes it possible to iron at lower temperatures, which means fabrics last longer, the iron consumes less electricity, and the base stays cleaner longer. HG ironing spray strengthener also adds a pleasant fresh fragrance. For cleaning the iron base, we recommend HG iron cleaning stick.

How do you use HG ironing spray strengthener?

Follow the steps below to use HG ironing spray strengthener: 

  1. Shake the ironing spray strengthener well, then hold the can at an angle and spray the fabric from a distance of approximately 20 cm. 
  2. Dampen the fabric slightly.
  3. Then iron the laundry straight away until a good result is achieved.


Label information

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HG ironing spray strengthener
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