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Textiles | Always suitable textiles cleaning products from HG


Clean your textiles easily yet effectively, and always with the desired result? With HG of course! Nothing is as unpleasant as wine stains on your favourite blouse, dull net curtains or nasty smells in your sports clothing. HG offers effective textiles cleaning products and specialised detergents to solve these and other specific textile problems, when regular detergents just aren’t enough. See our extensive range of textiles cleaning products below.


A special HG textile cleaner for all specific problems

HG offers a specific solution for every cleaning and maintenance problem. This of course also applies to the HG textile range. HG has a specific textile cleaner for every problem. Special detergents for white clothes and delicate fabrics, such as silk and products to pre-treat stains and spots. But also special stain removers suitable for sweat stains or stains caused by deodorant or suntan lotion. HG has the perfect textiles cleaning product for every specific problem!