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Synthetic flooring | Protect, clean and maintain synthetic flooring with HG

Synthetic floors

You protect, clean and maintain all types of artificial flooring with the specially developed products from HG. Synthetic flooring is becoming more and more popular. There used to be only marmoleum (often called lino) to choose from, but now you have many options to choose from; vinyl, PVC and synthetic resin floors. The HG products for synthetic flooring protect, clean and nourish all of these various types of synthetic and artificial flooring, such as cleaning vinyl and linoleum.  


How do you protect and maintain your synthetic flooring?

With the products below, you not only protect yoursynthetic flooring against wear and damages, they also make cleaning the synthetic flooring and also maintenance very easy. HG protective coating gloss finish (product 77) is suitable for effective cleaning and protecting of all types of synthetic flooring against wear and scratches.

For regular cleaning, choose HG artificial flooring nourishing gloss cleaner (product 78); a freshly-scented, concentrated mopping cleaner. For very stubborn dirt, HG power cleaner (product 79) is the perfect solution. This power cleaner for artificial flooring can also be used to remove all types of polish and other protective films.