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Parquet | Effective and easy parquet cleaning with HG


HG has various high-quality parquet floor cleaning products to clean and protect every parquet floor. The parquet product assortment from HG includes a protective coating to protect parquet against wear and damages, a (gloss) cleaner for regular parquet maintenance and a powerful cleaner for the effortless removal of dirt and grease. Our parquet floor cleaning products do not damage the floor and are always safe to use. 


HG cleans and protects your parquet floor

With the high-quality products from HG, parquet flooring maintenance and cleaning is simple and safe. Good maintenance will keep your parquet floor in tip top shape, so you can enjoy it longer. And HG has the top solution. The above parquet floor cleaning products were specially developed for cleaning and parquet flooring maintenance. From a powerful to daily cleaner to protective coatings for parquet flooring maintenance.