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Natural stone | Perfect maintenance with our natural stone cleaning products

Natural stone

HG has various natural stone cleaning products for maintaining natural stone and marble. And not only natural stone cleaning and protecting products, but also products for repairing these types of high-quality natural stone. Most types of natural stone are calciferous and require a special cleaning and protection method. You of course want to prevent this calcium from disappearing as it gives the natural stone its overall character and shine. Our special range of natural stone cleaning products includes daily cleaners for your natural stone floor and an extremely powerful yet safe cleaner for removing stubborn dirt and grease.


Always an effective natural stone cleaner for every type of natural stone maintenance.

HG has high-quality products for cleaning, repairing and protecting various types of natural stone, such as slate, marble and bluestone. Always an effective solution for all types of natural stone. From natural stone cleaning products for removing colour stains to polish for repairing shine and removing scratches. Choose HG for cleaning natural stone floor tiles to keep your beautiful natural stone floor, table or worktop in the best possible condition without stains or scratches.