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HG leather dye primer | special primer for the HG leather dye collection

HG leather dye primer is a necessary preliminary treatment for all colours of the HG leather dye collection. HG leather dye primer ensures that the HG leather dye optimally adheres to the leather, which makes it easier to apply and gives a wear-resistant end result.

  • Pre-treatment for HG leather dye
  • Provides optimal adhesion

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  • Contents: 200 ml
You can ONLY order within the Netherlands.
Delivery period 2-4 working days.

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Product information

How do you use HG leather dye primer as a preliminary treatment for HG leather dye?

Follow the steps below to use HG leather dye primer: 

  1. Shake HG leather dye primer well before use.
  2. Pour HG leather dye primer into a clean paint tray.
  3. Apply HG leather dye primer with a foam roller to the leather, 1 coat is sufficient.
  4. HG leather dye primer gives a gloss finish, which will show clearly whether all parts have been treated properly. 
  5. Do not start dyeing before the dye primer is completely dry; preferably wait for 24 hours.

Label information

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HG leather dye primer
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