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Leather | Effective leather cleaning products and conditioner from HG


HG has various leather furniture cleaners and products for cleaning, repairing and dying leather. Leather is a natural product that dries out quickly if not properly maintained. Leather also has very small pores, making it easy for dirt and grease to penetrate, such as dirt on clothing or skin grease. The HG leather cleaning products clean and repair thoroughly and quickly. Our product range contains easy-to-use leather (furniture) cleaners for regular use, a deep cleaner for stubborn dirt and a special leather conditioner with intensive nourishing properties.


Give leather a 2nd life with HG

HG has a large assortment of high-quality leather cleaner and conditioner products for maintaining, cleaning and even dying leather. The leather product range from HG includes much more than a spray for quick and easy cleaning and nourishing treatment in one. There is also a leather upholstery cleaner and even a special repair kit for repairing ugly scratches, tears and holes in leather. Very handy! And in addition to cleaning and repairing leather, HG has a unique range of leather dye products. After thorough cleaning, give a leather sofa, couch, bag or jacket  a new lease on life with our leather dyes. And of course the products from HG are perfectly safe for the material!