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Laminate | Clean laminate fast and effectively with the laminate cleaner products from HG


Cleaning laminate? Clean and protect laminate floors quickly and effectively with the special HG laminate floor cleaning products. Laminate flooring continues to develop. Quality continues to increase, so much so that you cannot always tell if it is a laminate or real wood floor. But good maintenance with an effective protective coating and regular cleaning with the right cleaners remain important. HG has various special laminate floor cleaning products in the assortment for both regular and intensive cleaning as well as protection.


HG for perfect laminate maintenance

HG laminate protective coating gloss finish (HG product 70) is the ideal laminate floor cleaning solution and suitable to protect laminate floors with completely glued seams against wear and tear, scratches and other damages. For regular cleaning, use one of the concentrated HG laminate floor mopping cleaners, with a choice between HG laminate cleaner (HG product 72) or HG laminate gloss cleaner (HG product 73). And for very stubborn dirt, HG laminate power cleaner (HG product 74) is the solution to perfectly maintain your laminate floor. This extremely powerful laminate cleaner not only removes stubborn dirt and grease, it also removes protective coatings.