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Kitchen | The kitchen cleaning products from HG


Clean all of your kitchen surfaces and appliances simply, thoroughly and safely with HG. HG has an array of kitchen cleaning products for specific cleaning problems in the kitchen. The number 1 kitchen cleaning problem is grease build up caused by cooking, frying and deep fat frying. HG has kitchen cleaning products for the effective yet safe cleaning and degreasing of various kitchen surfaces and appliances. Our extensive range of kitchen cleaning products not only includes kitchen cleaners for daily, quick and easy cleaning, but also intensive kitchen cleaning products for removing stubborn grease and other caked-on grime.


A large assortment of kitchen cleaning products

The large assortment of HG kitchen cleaning products not only includes kitchen surface cleaners for worktops, cooktops or gas hobs, but also a specific kitchen cleaner to thoroughly clean pans with cooked-on food, a powerful kitchen grease cleaner for the deep fryer or a hygienic refrigerator cleaner. In short: HG has a safe, high-quality solution for any kitchen cleaning problem that may occur.