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Interior | Clean and maintain your entire interior with HG


Look no further than HG for your interior house cleaning needs. HG is there to lend a helping hand with all your interior cleaning and maintenance. We have various house cleaning products for cleaning, maintaining and protecting your interior. Whether it is the black potbelly stove that has become dull or the grate that is covered in soot and tar, HG has an interior cleaning product that really works! And HG also has an easy-to-use, fast-working house cleaning product for mirrors and glass tables that are covered in dust, fingerprints or other dirt.


Always the perfect house cleaning product for your interior!

Our product range consists of a large assortment of various interior cleaning products that will solve all your cleaning and maintenance problems easily and quickly (and of course, safely!). See the complete range above with our extensive assortment of house cleaning products to effectively clean and maintain your interior. You will always find the perfect interior cleaner for your specific house cleaning needs.