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HGX mothballs | to deal with moths effectively

HGX mothballs are a simple solution for dealing with moths and moth larvae. Moths feed on your clothing, which is why you end up with holes in your clothes. Our mothballs prevent this damage and provide long-term and effective protection for clothing in wardrobes.

  • For clothes moths and clothes moths larvae
  • For clothing in wardrobes
  • Long-lasting and effective protection
  • With a fresh soap fragrance
  • Clean and safe in use because every mothball is wrapped in film

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  • Contents: 130 gr
You can ONLY order within the Netherlands.
Delivery period 2-4 working days.

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Product information

Buy mothballs that are safe and clean to use

Besides the fact that our mothballs provide effective protection against moths and moth larvae, these mothballs are clean and safe to use because of the special foil around each mothball. The mothballs also have a light fragrance of soap that is not absorbed by the clothing. The box contains 20 mothballs.

How do you use the HGX mothballs?

Complete the following steps to deal with moths and moth larvae simply and effectively with HGX mothballs:

  1. Simply remove the required number of mothballs from the plastic packaging. Do not remove the special film around the mothballs, because this film contains small holes that ensure the distribution of the scent. 
  2. Six mothballs provide protection against moths in an average-sized wardrobe during a period of up to three months. 
  3. Distribute the mothballs around the wardrobe and keep it dry and closed as much as possible.

Label information

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HGX mothballs
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