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HGX environmentally-friendly pellets against snails | effective snail pellets

Buy snail pellets? HGX environmentally-friendly pellets against snails eradicates slugs and snails quickly, safely and effectively. Our snail pellets are 100% natural and kill the snails in their natural hiding places. This way no slimy snail remains are left behind.

  • Kills snails immediately
  • Does not affect other animals
  • No slimy snail remains
  • Environmentally-friendly pellet

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  • Contents: 400 gr
Delivery period 2-4 working days

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Product information

100% natural product against snails with a long working time

Our snail pellets have a long working time and are absolutely harmless to other animals and pets. It is good to know that snails and slugs can cause a great deal of (chewing) damage to the soft parts of ornamental plants and vegetables. Snail season often starts around March and ends halfway through October.

How do you use HGX environmentally-friendly pellets against snails?

Eradicate snails with snail pellets? Follow the steps below to eradicate slugs and snails quickly and effectively with HGX environmentally-friendly pellets against snails.

  1. Spread out the pellets evenly between the plants as soon as you have noticed snails or traces of damage. Sprinkle near plants that attract slugs, as soon as the plants start to sprout.
  2. Preferably sprinkle the pellets during the evening, as slugs are active and leave their hiding places at night.
  3. Repeat the treatment when all the pellets have been eaten, but you still observe slugs.

Use biocides safely. Read the label and the product information before use.

HGX environmentally-friendly pellets against snails
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