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HGX ant bait box | for effective and clean eradication of ants

The HGX ant bait box is an extremely effective way to get rid of unwelcome ants in the house, the patio or in the garden. After using our ant bait box ants disappear quickly! 

  • Content: 2 boxes
  • Highly effective
  • Works in the ants’ nest
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

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  • Contents: 2 st
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Delivery period 2-4 working days.

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Product information

Do you want to buy an ant bait box?

The pack of HGX ant bait box contains 2 ant bait boxes.The ants take the active substance from the ant bait box to their nest and they are killed in the nest. That makes the HGX ant bait box an extremely effective and clean method of eradicating ants. Our ant bait box can be used indoors and outdoors.

How do you use the HGX ant bait box?

Complete the following steps to eradicate ants in the home, on the patio or in the garden quickly and effectively with the HGX ant bait box.

  1. Remove the foil from the ant bait box and open it by breaking off the 4 tabs. 
  2. Then place the HGX ant bait box in a protected place that is frequented by ants. For example an ant trail where the ants enter the house.

Use biocides safely. Read the label and the product information before use.

Label information

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HGX ant bait box
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