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HGX refillable mouse bait box | effective and safe in use

Now there is a convenient, clean and quick way to get rid of your mice with the mouse bait box of HG! The HGX refillable mouse bait box contains an extremely effective bait paste that mice will eat and take away. So no more dirty traps. All you have to do is position the refillable mouse bait station, and those filthy mice will simply disappear. The bait box for mice has unlimited refills, as the HGX mouse bait paste - refills are available separately; it is lockable, making it absolutely harmless for children and pets!

  • Includes 2 sachets with bait paste
  • Unlimited refills
  • Lockable, so safe for children and pets

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  • Contents: 1 st
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Product information

The mouse bait box with unlimited refills

Mice may appear in different places. With the special HG mouse bait box it is not necessary to buy a new bait box for mice every time, because the HGX mouse bait box is a mouse bait station with unlimited refills, because of the HGX mouse bait paste - refills that are available separately. This mouse bait box can be locked too, making it absolutely harmless for children and pets!

How do you use the HGX refillable mouse bait box?

Follow the steps below for effective use of this mouse bait box.

  1. Make sure that the mouse bait box, filled with 2 sachets of bait paste, is locked properly and keep the supplied key out of reach of children.
  2. Position the mouse bait station near the place where you have seen the mice, but out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Check the special bait paste every 3-4 days and add more if the sachets have been eaten or if they are dirty.

Use biocides safely. Read the label and the product information before use.

Label information

Click below to view the entire label including the hazard statements of HGX against mice refillable box.

HGX against mice refillable box
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