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Gold, Silver & Copper | Easy gold, silver, copper cleaner and jewellery cleaner for extra bling

Gold, Silver & Copper

Cleaning gold and silver jewellery is easy with silver cleaner, gold cleaner, copper cleaner and jewellery cleaner from HG! Skin grease and other dirt can make jewellery dirty. This means the jewellery does not look as beautiful and can ultimately lose its shine. The gold, silver and copper jewellery cleaners from HG clean and protect not only jewellery and other objects, but they also repair so your bling will continue to shine like new.


Gold, Silver & Copper continue to shine

Whether it’s a quick buff, a thorough cleaning or repairing and protecting, the specific problem solvers from HG for gold, silver and copper do what they promise. These gold, silver and copper cleaners from HG all work safely, quickly and effectively and of course without harming the jewellery or other objects. It is important to clean your silver or gold jewellery regularly with a silver cleaner or gold cleaner in order to maintain the original shine. Make your silver or gold jewellery and other copper objects shine like new without any damage with our silver, gold and copper cleaners.