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HG hard-wood maintenance oil | maintain the colour and protect your hard wood throughout the year

HG hard-wood maintenance oil protects hardwood furniture against discolouring under the influence of sunlight and other weather influences. This hard-wood maintenance oil also ensures that furniture retains its natural colour throughout the year. 

  • Restores colour and provides protection
  • Touch up hard wood quickly and easily

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  • Contents: 250 ml
You can ONLY order within the Netherlands.
Delivery period 2-4 working days.

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Product information

Hard-wood maintenance oil protects furniture against sunlight and other weather influences

Even when it is protected, hard-wood furniture does discolour due to sunlight and weather influences. Horizontal parts, such as arm rests and table tops, suffer in particular and are the first to discolour. With HG hard-wood maintenance oil these parts are touched up quickly and easily.

How do you use HG hard-wood maintenance oil?

Complete the following steps to ensure hard-wood furniture retains its colour throughout the year and to protect it with HG hard-wood maintenance oil:

  1. Apply the oil thinly with a lint-free cloth or a brush. 
  2. Remove the surplus product with a dry, lint-free cloth after approximately 10 minutes and leave the hard wood to dry.

Label information

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HG hard-wood maintenance oil
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