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Garden | Various HG garden cleaning products for fast and effective cleaning


HG has various garden cleaning products to clean and protect terrace tiles and garden furniture quickly and effectively. After a long winter, everyone is happy to see the spring again; time to go out and prepare the garden for the summer! This is the perfect time to remove algae and tackle dirty and grey garden furniture. From the hardwood lawn chairs to the plastic lounge set. HG has specific products for all of these cleaning jobs.


Algae and dirt on terraces

Removing algae from terrace tiles is a recurring yearly chore. This green, slime build up begins to occur when the days become shorter and there is less sunshine. But the algae removers and garden tile cleaners from HG tackle this build up quickly, without the need to scrub! So cleaning tiles is best done with HG garden tile cleaner. Our range also contains products for cleaning barbecues and refurbishing awnings and parasols. For every cleaning job, HG has the perfect garden maintenance product.