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HG nourishing oil teak furniture | teak oil that beautifies and protects

HG nourishing oil teak furniture has been developed especially to nourish and protect teak furniture. Regular use of our teak wood oil beautifies your teak furniture and ensures it stays in good condition. HG also has other types of furniture oil apart from teak oil. In total we have three unique types of nourishing furniture oils - a furniture oil for oak, mahogany and cherry, a furniture oil for walnut, palisander and wenge and a furniture oil for teak.

  • Nourishes, protects, and enhances
  • Suitable for varnished and unvarnished teak

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  • Contents: 140 ml

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Product information

How do you use HG nourishing oil teak furniture?

Complete the following steps for the correct use of HG nourishing oil teak furniture. 

  1. The teak wood must be clean before using the product. You could use HG interior spray.
  2. Shake the teak oil well before use and apply it thinly and evenly with a lint-free cloth.
  3. Rub in the furniture oil for teak immediately and completely.

Always try out the nourishing teak oil in a small inconspicuous place.

Label information

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HG nourishing oil teak furniture
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