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Furniture | The nourishing wood furniture cleaner from HG


HG has various wood furniture cleaners as well as products for nourishing and protecting wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is very popular in the most diverse interiors and can be found in various types, sizes and colours. And every piece of furniture and every type of wood requires its own treatment. The wooden furniture products in the HG range include wood furniture cleaner, various waxes, oils and sprays for cleaning and maintaining wooden furniture: from dark wood to light wood - antique to modern!


Oil, wood wax polish and spray for all types of wooden furniture

The wood furniture cleaner range from HG is suitable for cleaning and maintaining all types of wooden furniture, such as oak, mahogany, cherry or wenge. Or choose one of our oils, waxes or sprays for wood furniture maintenance (teak for example) or to clean youroak table or other furniture, such as cabinets or wooden chairs. You will find the perfect wood furniture cleaner product for every type of wooden furniture in the extensive HG assortment.

Repair and maintain your wooden furniture with HG

Do you want to clean an oak table or treat another type of wood? HG has high-quality solutions for nourishing, cleaning and protecting all types of wooden furniture. With the special wood furniture maintenance products and wood wax polish for repairing scratches and rings you can bring back the original colour to wooden furniture making these imperfections invisible.