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Drain | HG: thé drain unblocker specialist!


HG is thé drain unblocker specialist with a specific solution for every blocked drain. From specific kitchen unblocker to extremely powerful duo unblocker. Our entire product range was developed in our own lab and consists of not only several types of specific drain unblockers, but also a drain cleaner that will remove odours from smelly sinks. Both for unblocking and cleaning the drain, HG has just the right product!


The drain cleaner and sink unblocker

HG has a specific drain cleaner or sink unblocker for all types of blocked drains. HG liquid drain unblocker (500ml and 1L) for a clogged sink, toilet or shower drain, HG kitchen drain unblocker prevents or unclogs blocked drains caused by grease and food remnants, and HG hair unblocker drain cleaner effectively unclogs drains in the bathroom caused by hair. Need a drain unblocker for very stubborn blocked drains? Our HG duo unblocker is an extremely powerful unblocker for when nothing else works! Extremely powerful unblocker, but safe for all materials. If your sink is only a bit smelly than buy our drain cleaner: the HG drain odour remover.