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Carpet & upholstery | HG carpet cleaning products for removing and preventing stains

Carpet & Upholstery

Clean carpets or remove stains from the sofa? HG has high-quality carpet cleaning products to remove stains from carpets or upholstery, but also for thorough cleaning. Our stain spray removes stains and dirt from virtually all types of textiles and even makes them dirt repellent after use. We also have an extra strong version for more stubborn stains, such as coffee or wine. For really thorough cleaning of carpets, floors or upholstery we have the HG carpet & upholstery cleaner. The carpet cleaning products fill the uneven fibre surfaces with a dirt-repellent layer, which is ideal to prevent stains.


Remove stains and dirt from the carpet

Stains in the sofa upholstery or the carpet happen all the time; an accident with a glass of wine during a birthday party or the shoe shine from your freshly polished shoes. And dull, grey stains can occur from everyday use caused by outside dirt. You can prevent some of these by vacuuming regularly and having a mat by the entrance door, but after a while a thorough carpet cleaning becomes necessary and you buy a carpet cleaner! Luckily HG has a solution with its wide range of carpet cleaning products.