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HG for smelly dishwashers | thé effective dishwasher cleaner

The dishwasher can begin to smell due to grease, food and soap deposits in the drains, on the filters and on the rubber seals. HG for smelly dishwashers provides a wonderfully fresh smelling dishwasher.

  • For a clean and fresh dishwasher
  • Sufficient for approximately 12 treatments
  • Can be used in a full or an empty dishwasher

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  • Contents: 500 gr
You can ONLY order within the Netherlands.
Delivery period 2-4 working days.

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Product information

The dishwasher cleaner for a hygienically fresh dishwasher

No one wants a smelly dishwasher. This dishwasher cleaner effectively removes dirt from the smelly dishwasher, providing a wonderfully fresh smelling dishwasher. Using this product also improves hygiene and produces cleaner dishes.

How do you use HG for smelly dishwashers?

Follow the steps below to use HG for smelly dishwashers for a wonderfully fresh smelling dishwasher.

Use in an empty dishwasher: 
Add 4 caps (40 gram) of dishwasher cleaner to the detergent tray. Let the empty dishwasher run through a normal cycle (approximately 50°C). Repeat the treatment 1x every 2 weeks. 

Use in a full dishwasher: 
Add 4 caps (40 gram) of powder to the detergent tray and put the detergent tablet in the cutlery tray or basket. Then let the dishwasher complete a normal programme (approximately 50°C). Repeat the treatment 1x a week.

Label information

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HG for smelly dishwashers
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