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HG cat litter deodorizer | prevents a smelly cat litter tray

HG cat litter deodorizer is a unique, organic and odourless product that easily removes odours from your cat litter tray. It is also harmless for animals and humans Thé solution for a smelly litter tray. 

  • Odourless
  • Change less often
  • Organic product, harmless for animals and humans

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  • Contents: 500 ml
You can ONLY order within the Netherlands.
Delivery period 2-4 working days.

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Product information

A smelly litter tray is now a thing of the past

On entering a house, you can often immediately smell the presence of a cat. However, it is not just the cat but the cat-litter tray. Use HG cat litter deodorizer to make the tray smell fresh again.

HG cat litter deodorizer breaks down the stench molecules in a smelly litter tray. An additional advantage is that the litter tray will not have to be changed as often, saving you money on cat litter.

How do you use HG cat litter deodorizer?

Follow the steps below for correct use of HG cat litter deodorizer.

  1. Spray HG cat litter deodorizer liberally on the clean litter in the cat-litter tray so that the top layer is properly damp. 

  2. Then turn over the litter. If required, you can spray the tray itself too.

  3. The product will start to work as soon as the cat uses the tray.

If the tray starts to smell after a period of time, you can spray it again. The litter tray will still have to be cleaned of course, but less frequently! Looking for a product to get rid of cat urine in the house? Then HG against urine smell is the product for you.

Label information

Click below to view the entire label including the hazard statements of HG cat litter deodorizer.

HG cat litter deodorizer
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