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Aircare | Need an air freshener? Then HG aircare products are the solution


HG has specific air freshener products for all kinds of bad odours in the home. These odours are often caused by cooking, frying, smoking and toilet use. But also bad smells in, for example, clothing, the sofa or dog basket can be removed effectively with our specific air freshener products. Our wide range of air fresheners not only includes various types of sprays, but also moisture-absorbing granules that remove or prevent bad odours. Your house is always fresh smelling with HG!


HG air fresheners that really do remove unpleasant odours

HG has an effective air freshener spray for all types of unpleasant odours. The air freshener for your home from HG does not mask the smell with perfume like regular air fresheners, it actually removes the source of the odour. HG air neutraliser for all bad smells removes the stench molecules in the area, such as the toilet or living room, and HG eliminator of all unpleasant smells at source removes the source of the odour on a specific surface, such as clothing, a sofa or chair.

Prevent unpleasant smell

Of course you want to prevent unpleasant smells in your home as much as possible. A humid house not only means condensation and a musty smell, but also stench and mould. Our moisture-absorbing granules remove this extra moisture from the air and therefore prevent these types of problems.

A smelly vacuum cleaner is another unpleasant problem, but easily solved with HG vacuum cleaner air freshener. Prevent unpleasant smells in the bin with our special aircare solution for smelly bins. It absorbs the smell effectively and ensures a fresh fragrance. And what about a smelly litter box? Our unique and organic HG cat litter deodorizer easily prevents unpleasant litter box odours, which means you can clean it less often. HG aircare products mean a fresh-smelling house is guaranteed!