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De koffiemachine veilig reinigen?

HG scorched pans cleaner has been developed to remove the most persistent baked-on stains that cannot be removed in the dishwasher or with normal washing-up liquid. Also suitable for removing burnt spots from oven dishes and trays. One bottle is enough for 6-7 pans/trays.

Grinding coffee beans and making coffee under pressure causes a deposit of coffee fats and oils in the internal system and the pipes of fully automatic coffee machines. HG universal cleaning tablets for coffee machines not only guarantee a lasting, optimum coffee flavour, but are also essential for extending your machine's life and preventing faults

Rubbish bins, but also waste buckets, waste containers, wheelie bins, and nappy bins can really start to smell, particularly because of rotting vegetable, fruit, meat or fish waste and dirty nappies. HG against bin smell absorbs this smell effectively and produces a fresh fragrance. Put the amount as indicated on the label in the bottom of the empty waste bucket, container or wheelie bin.

HG shoe deo has been developed especially to neutralise the perspiration odour in shoes effectively and to give shoes a pleasantly fresh odour for a long period of time. This product is suitable for all types of shoes, sports shoes and sneakers.