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Which treatment does it concern?

quick and simple removal of cement free floor adhesive
HG floor glue remover
removal of heel and sole marks
HG sticker remover
removal of extremely strong soiling and old polish and other protective films
HG tile power cleaner (product 19)
repairing localised worn glaze
HG tiles impregnating protector (product 13)
removal of cement and grout film
HG tiles cement grout film remover (product 11)
removal of stubborn mortar, cement and grout residues
HG tiles cement, mortar & efflorescence remover (product 12)
very stubborn dirt/ neglected maintenance
HG tiles extreme power cleaner (product 20)
regular, streak-free cleaning of all types of (glossy) floors - mopping product
HG tiles polished tile cleaner ( product 18)
regular cleaning, while restoring gloss at the same time - mopping product
HG tiles shine restoring tile cleaner (product 17)
removal of chewing gum
HG chewing gum remover (product 97)